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Unit 133 Shariati Ave, Tehran, I.R. Iran +98 21 22639580
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Kara customs services company is an Iranian customs clearance broker which represent knowledge base services beside its primary mission. Market research in Iran and providing any import data and export data from Iranian customs and importers list in any market or any market field research such as qualitative or quantitative questionnaires, interview with executive managers of brand companies in Iran , exploring for rock bottom price of any product in Iran market and report different aspects of blue ocean markets or competitive markets; are some of our abilities.

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Téléphone 1 +98 21 22639580
N° & nom de la rue, immeuble, étage Unit 133, Negin Gholhak Tower, Shariati Ave, Tehran, I.R. Iran
Ville - City Teheran
Pays Iran
Pays Iran
Région Tehran Province
Distance et itinéraire: 4,179 Kilometers
Address Unit 133 Shariati Ave, Tehran, I.R. Iran
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